Underwriting easily executed

Ease the price modelling and rate change implementations

Manage tariffs and pricing through configuration, not coding. Increase your quote capabilities and empower your market expansion by enabling rapid deployment of new products.


Build tariffs and underwriting arguments in syntax similar to Excel formulas. The architecture allows for easy import of price arguments tables and integrate APIs from external information providers. Insicon i2i premium calculation is based on a very flexible business rule engine. Individual business rules can be defined for each product to support reusability of tariff arguments. i2i allows for tariffs updates in real time and automation of UW processes.

Benefits Of Insicon i2i

Accelerate Your Insurance Market Entry

Shorten your time to market, ensuring swift & smooth procedures.

Set Free Efficiency

Boost productivity and streamline operations with Insicon i2i.

Cost-Effective Excellence

Reduce total cost of ownership while maximizing efficiency.


Employ tariff formulas akin to Excel in Insicon i2i for API integration and dynamic premium calculations.

Insicon i2i's modular structure facilitates adaptable tariff rules, supporting diverse products and real-time updates for efficient underwriting.

Leverage Excel-style syntax in Insicon i2i to integrate APIs, enabling swift premium calculations and automatic underwriting enhancements.

Insicon i2i's versatile rule engine lets you establish custom tariff rules per product, ensuring reusable setups and real-time tariff adjustments.

Key Features

Depend on our skilled SaaS team to promptly handle and fix any fundamental application or infrastructure problems, allowing you to focus entirely on supporting your customized setups.

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