Bring flexibility and great customer experiences to your claim processes

Process higher claim volumes with ease and accuracy. Configurable workflows streamlines and automates claim tasks and gives the claims team the flexibility to design both claim handler managed as well as automated end-to-end claim processes.


Plug & play Claims Handler interface including reserving, recoveries, reinsurance cumuli reporting and KPI dashboard throughout the claims process. In the claims module the handler register all information about the claim, set reserves, monitor payments, send and receive claims documentation. Claims correspondence shows all letters, emails and SMS messages sent regarding a specific claim. A generic end customer web interface for claims registration and status is included in the standard product.

Benefits Beyond Expectations

Enhanced Efficiency

Process higher claims volumes with configurable workflows and rule-based automation assignments, assigning the right claim to the right adjuster with streamlined workflows.


Enable faster and more satisfying claims experiences. Give customers options for self-service, communication or FNOL by integrating with the channel they prefer.

Manage cash reserves

Control the cash flow and ensure timely and correct payments. Manage claims activities tracking reserves and reserve authorisations.


Insicon i2i eliminates the hassle of multiple systems. By consolidating reserving, recoveries, reinsurance cumuli, and KPI tracking into a single interface, the platform ensures an easy end-to-end claim journey.

Keep all claim-related correspondence organized and accessible. Monitor omnichannel communications for each claim, ensuring clear communication history and streamlined information retrieval enhancing customer interaction.

Enhance customer satisfaction by offering transparency and control throughout the claim process. Integrating to external end customer web interface offering a digital first notice of loss experience and track every step of the claim process.

Claim KPI dashboard provides real-time insights into critical metrics, enabling informed decision-making, gaining a holistic view of claims operations and identify areas for improvement effortlessly.


I2i claims has enticing features that Redefine Claims Management Excellence

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