Introduce flexibility in your Business setup

Manage products & processes in a user friendly no coding interface

Define your products in freedom and agility offered by the broad functionality and flexibility offered in i2i. With no coding required, business users can effortlessly create new insurance products, refine processes, manage automation, and craft impactful customer communications. No IT dependency, enhance your performance with i2i and step into a system where possibilities are boundless.

Business set up

Product & process design modules where business owners, without IT dependency, can set up new products and draw automated process-maps for central business processes like sales, claims and customer communication. i2i has an integrated letter design tool that allow broad customization of customer communication. With our simple and user-friendly tools you can speed up time to market, launch new products and put business ideas into reality within a few hours or days.


Swift Market Entry with i2i

Accelerate your path to the market, streamline product launches, and boost efficiency with i2i.

Effortless Streamlined Operations

Introduce agility into your business, enabling your operations to implement change from new ideas to customer feedback.

Cost-Effective Efficiency

Lower the total cost of ownership having less dependency for IT while boosting your business agility


User interfaces are designed intuitively and user-friendly with a guidance fashion, offering a wide range of role-based standard interfaces, spanning from configurator focus, business intelligence and customer interactions.

Within standard functionality, all P&C products can be configured within the system having the whole policy life cycle defined where all standard processes are automated out-of-the-box. Every element of i2i is exposed to our advanced API:s making integration possible in any dimension and process step.

Create extensive customization for customer communication using i2i´s integrated communications designer tool. Business users are enabled to craft personalized letters, emails and messages for every stage of the customer journey. Integrated with all data fields ensuring dynamic content as well as consistent and professional communications.

Reuse an already configured product and easily fine-tune it for a new customer or reuse it in a completely different distribution model or LOB. Scale your business opportunizing on i2i´s ability for reusage of every configured artefact.

Key Features

Count on our proficient SaaS team to swiftly address and resolve any core application or infrastructure issues, freeing you to fully concentrate on supporting your unique configurations.

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