Billing & Collection

Automate and optimize your accounts payable

Whether managing policies or claims, the i2i Billing & Collection Module guarantees handles all in- and outgoing transactions. Experience billing agnostic to insurance business modules, handle premium splitting effortlessly regardless of if you are acting as a risk carrier, agent or broker. Automate your revenue streams with full configurability for handling partner reconciliation, IPT, VAT and fees. Covering a spectrum of payment methods, integrated with dunning and bank reconciliation, i2i ensures efficient collection and payout procedures. Get into control with full traceability, multicurrency managment and integrated accounts payable to the general ledger.

Billing and Collection

Automated billing process for various billing methods including; invoice, e-invoice, direct debiting, credit cards etc. i2i supports dunning and reconciliation with banks and payment gateways regarding collecting and paying out. Full traceability and logs of financial transactions together with accounting exportable to general ledger are just some of the standard features. The i2i Billing & Collection Module is used to handle incoming and outgoing transactions connected to any of the policies or claims managed within the system. Multicurrency exchange rates administration is fully supported through every billing and collection process.

Benefits that Matters in Financial Workflow

Save Time and Cost

i2i's automation minimizes manual effort, reducing processing time and minimizing human error. Enabling significant cost savings while ensuring accurate financial transactions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Offering diverse billing methods enhances customer satisfaction by accommodating their preferred payment choices. The streamlined process, coupled with timely collections, cultivates trust and loyalty.


i2i's comprehensive traceability and transparent logs ensure your financial operations are audit-ready at all times.

Solutions for Billing Challenges with i2i

i2i offers automated solutions for an array of billing methods, from traditional invoices to modern e-invoicing, direct debiting, and credit card payments. This versatility caters to a wide range of customer preferences and enhances payment convenience

With i2i, reconciling financial data becomes effortless. The system connects with banks and payment gateways, ensuring accurate and prompt collection and payout. Say goodbye to manual reconciliation processes that consume valuable time and resources

Transparency is paramount in financial operations. i2i's robust traceability and transaction logs provide a clear audit trail for all financial activities, fostering accountability, and facilitating error detection

Navigating the complexities of multicurrency transactions is no longer a hassle. i2i's integrated solution supports exchange rate administration throughout the billing and collection process, eliminating currency-related obstacles


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