Streamlined Policy Administration

Manage your entire policy life cycle and respond to customer demands

Insurance policies can vary widely, which is why you need a software that allows for customization of different policy types, coverages, and underwriting rules. From the initial stages of quotation and policy issuance, through mid-term adjustments and payment plan calculations, to the issuance and distribution of vital documents, and policy renewals with history overviews, Insicon i2i covers it all with an automation first mindset.

Policy admin

Support the entire insurance lifecycle from quotation, policy issuing, mid-term adjustments, payment plan calculation, documents issuing and distribution, to renewals with full insurance history overview. In the policy admin tool you can reuse and combine any individual products/covers you designed to package them into new business concepts. There are no limitations in types of risk products that can be supported in Insicon i2i. Business analysis, reporting and intelligence are integrated part of i2i through Microsoft Power BI. All data is stored in a market standard database that can be exported to any external BI analysis tools.

Benefits Beyond Measure

Enhanced Efficiency

By encompassing the entire insurance lifecycle, Insicon i2i minimizes manual interventions, reducing errors and boosting operational efficiency.

Agility and Innovation

Craft tailored solutions on-the-fly, responding to market trends swiftly and maintaining your competitive edge.

Data-Driven Insights

Harness the power of analytics to make informed decisions, driving business growth and uncovering new opportunities.

Solutions at Your Fingertips

Simplify your operations by consolidating all aspects of the insurance lifecycle in one intuitive platform. Say goodbye to fragmented processes and hello to streamlined efficiency

Insicon i2i gives you the creative freedom to design unique product and coverage combinations, enabling you to respond rapidly to market demands and offer innovative solutions to your clients

With Insicon i2i, there are no constraints on the types of risk products you can handle. From traditional to niche, this platform adapts to your evolving needs

Integrated Business Intelligence. The power of data-driven decision-making through integration with Microsoft Power BI. Gain valuable insights, perform in-depth analyses, and stay ahead of the curve

Features that Define Excellence

Seamlessly manage policies with our user-friendly platform, equipped with powerful integration capabilities that ensure optimal efficiency.

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