Loss Adjustment

A comprehensive solution designed with the needs of loss adjusters in mind. Let’s explore the key benefits that set i2i apart, revolutionizing the way you handle claims and interact with your customers.


Customizable Claim Workflows

i2i offers a comprehensive set of features right from the start, minimizing the need for extensive customization. With rule-based configurable workflows you can easily offer the claims experience customers of today craves.

Enhanced Customer Interaction

Insicon i2i offers intuitive API´s exposing all elements of the platform enabling you to integrate external policy admin systems and customer interfaces. Handle low tech customers with upload functionality of policy portfolio files for easy onboarding of all customer segments. i2i supports multiple communication channels, providing a seamless experience to interact with customers and insured parties.

Flexible Document Management

With our built in document design tool, i2i allows flexible creation, definition, and customisation of claim documents. Integrated with all data fields ensuring dynamic content as well as consistent and professional communications.

I2i Is not just a Digital Platform

It’s a transformational tool for loss adjusters. With its out-of-the-box functionality, multi-channel communication capabilities, adaptability to customer´s T&C, document management, open APIs, and extensive reporting capabilites, i2i offers operational excellency for loss adjusters, providing efficiency and innovation in an ever-demanding industry.

Loss Adjusting Cross-Industry Impact

Delve into the dynamic world of insurance and it´s transformative influence across sectors together with us. Our organisation consists of people with extensive experience from the insurance industry, eager to know more about your challenges and ideas.

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