i2i key benefits for P&C Insurance companies

The burden of legacy systems, the need for rapid innovation, and the constant pressure to optimize operations can strain resources and hinder growth. Our platform offers a game-changing solution to revolutionize the way insurers operate.


Changing Tomorrow

Don´t let legacy systems restrain your ideas. Take todays ideas into tomorrow’s launch and embrace change with making product changes and updates in record speed. Changing rates, policy documents, rules takes minutes not months


The i2i platform comes with a wealth of functionality right out of the box. Enabling you to hit the ground running, focusing on configuring innovative insurance products and delivering value from day one.

Automation First

Automate the entire insurance cycle with minimum customisation as all standard processes comes automated out of the box where the platform efficiently managing the complex interactions needed within the policy life cycle.

Your Success, Your Way

The flexibility offered by the i2i platform is unparalleled. Whether you prefer to configure the platform yourself, collaborate with our professional service team, or leverage our system integrator partners, we have options to ensure your success.

Boundless Possibilities

Insicon i2i represents a paradigm shift in how insurance companies operate. Seamlessly integrating new technologies, automating processes, enabling innovation out-of-the-box, i2i positions your business for sustained success in a dynamic and competitive industry.

Insurance Cross-Industry Impact

Delve into the dynamic world of insurance and it´s transformative influence across sectors together with us. Our organisation consists of people with extensive experience from the insurance industry, eager to know more about your challenges and ideas.

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