i2i key benefits for P&C Insurance companies

Lower TCO by replacing your entire portfolio of legacy system with one (1) insurance platform maximizing the abilities of your business users and minimizing the need of IT involvement

Integrate and take advantage of new technologies and data sources with our open and intuitive APIs covering all elements of the platform

Automate the entire insurance cycle with minimum customisation as all standard processes comes automated out of the box where the platform efficiently managing the complex interactions needed within the policy life cycle

Take todays ideas into tomorrow’s launch and embrace change with making product changes and updates in record speed. Changing rates, policy documents, rules take minutes not months

i2i contains broad functionality out of the box, allowing you to focus on configuring innovative insurance products and creating values from day one with minimum, to no need for customization

Deployment flexibility, whether you prefer to configure i2i yourself, collaborate with our professional service team or leverage your success with our system integrator partners we offer options to ensure your success