Insurance Business Models

Diverse Business Models

The insurance industry is as diverse as the risks it covers. Insicon i2i supports a wide range of insurance business models. Whether it’s a traditional agency model, direct-to-consumer, or a digital-first approach, the platform’s flexibility ensures that insurance players can align their operations with their chosen model.

The digital age has reshaped the way we handle risk products, necessitating comprehensive solutions that can adapt to various insurance business models. Insicon i2i emerges as a groundbreaking solution, redefining the policy life cycle within both Personal and Commercial lines, ensuring seamless support for the diverse needs of the insurance industry.

Supporting all insurance players

Policy Creation

At the heart of any insurance product is the policy itself. Insicon i2i empowers the insurance sector to create and customize policies to cater your customer´s and partner´s specific needs.

Effortless Management

Insicon i2i simplifies management process, offering an intuitive interface for policy administration.

Adaption and Renewal

Insurance, much like life itself, is dynamic. Policies need to be adapted and modified to stay relevant. Introduce renewal as a word with multiple meanings into your insurance organisation.

Why Insicon?

Improved Data-driven Decision Making

Insicon Business Intelligence enables data-driven decisions, optimizing processes for customer-centric solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Gain a competitive edge with an automation first, configurable, adaptable and upgradable insurance platform.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leveraging with our platform´s flexibility for personalized offerings and improved customer satisfaction.

Cost Optimization and Risk Management

Insicon i2i optimizes costs and risk management, ensuring operational efficiency and resilience.

Business Models Cross-Industry Impact!

Delve into the dynamic world of insurance and it´s transformative influence across sectors together with us. Our organisation consists of people with extensive experience from the insurance industry, eager to know more about your challenges and ideas.

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