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Omni-channel distribution ready

The comprehensive Marketing & Sales Module empowers you to configurate marketing campaigns. Effortlessly set campaign goals and track ongoing or concluded initiatives. Experience a game-changing generic end customer web interface that facilitates easy quotation, policy overview, and self-service options, increasing your customer engagement journey.


Plug & play Customer Service interface and KPI dashboard throughout the sales process. i2i supports omni-channel with multiple roles and partners. The Marketing & Sales Module is used to create marketing campaigns within Insicon i2i. Users can create goals for the campaign and follow up an ongoing or finished campaign to get an overview of the campaign results. A generic end customer web interface for quotation, policy overview and self service is included in the standard product.

Benefits That Boost Your Business

Efficiency Boost

Simplify processes and reduce complexities, resulting in streamlined operations and enhanced productivity.

Data-Driven Insights

Gain valuable campaign performance insights, aiding informed decision-making and strategy refinement.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Deliver a user-friendly interface to end customers, enabling them to access information and services with ease, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.

Solutions That Shape Success

Configurable for any distribution channel, as part of an existing portal or as an online quoting and servicing system.

Embrace the power of multiple channels and roles through i2i, catering to a diverse customer base and partners, for a truly comprehensive approach

Your marketing potential using the Marketing & Sales Module, enabling you to craft, manage, and monitor campaigns effortlessly within the i2i ecosystem

Provide an unmatched end customer experience with a user-friendly web interface, granting access to quotations, policy overviews, and self-service functionalities

Key Features

Have confidence in our skilled SaaS experts, who will promptly handle and resolve any critical application or infrastructure problems, allowing you to focus entirely on supporting your customized setups.

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