Configurable to your organisation´s needs

Insicon i2i offers flexibility in insuring and managing risks specific to your organisation’s needs, while also writing third-party risk, all within the same system. Tailor workflows suitable for your organisational structure and risk model. Enjoy more control over your risk management and fulfil the demands for financial reporting.


Control your coverage

A key benefit of i2i is its extensive out-of-the-box functionality, significantly reducing the need for customization. Configure, without coding, the coverage specific to your organisation’s exact needs that commercial insurers can´t offer you.

Efficient Reinsurance Management

i2i brings the advantage of automated cost allocations and comprehensive reinsurance handling. Captives can seamlessly manage reinsurance agreements, ensuring accurate cost distribution.

Enhanced User Engagement

Connect and interact with your organisation’s users with end user interfaces for risk registrations, adjustments, FNOL and claim follow ups. Let external claim handlers log in directly in the system with web-based interfaces to handle claims.

Accelerate your processes

Eliminate multiple systems, allocate premiums, and claim financials with full traceability and automate insurance carrier and reinsurance reconciliations. Fulfil internal demands for financial reporting and integrate with corporate accounting systems for automatic exports of accounts payable.

Captive Models Cross-Industry Impact

Delve into the dynamic world of insurance and it´s transformative influence across sectors together with us. Our organisation consists of people with extensive experience from the insurance industry, eager to know more about your challenges and ideas.

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