Personal & Commercial Lines Insurance Company

Personal & Commercial Lines Insurance Company

A market leader in daily goods retail wanted to nurture the customer base and increase its loyalty by offering insurance. Targets was set high and could be summarized in:

  • Start an insurance company from fresh, with no digital debt
  • Assume the digital revolution instead of adapting to it
  • Mobile first
  • Flexible & open infrastructure from ground up enabling short time to market agility.

Since the start of the cooperation with Insicon the insurer has grown from 5 to 100 Meur GWP in their first eight years. Well over exceeding the market growth by introducing innovative P&C insurance products harnessing the flexibility of i2i and being an early adopter to insurtech collaborations made possible by our open architecture. The entire insurance program is integrated to the customer loyalty program with product bundles also aligning their financial service offerings. 

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