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Nordic Guarantee’s business started in 1993 and is since then one of the larger operators in the Nordic countries within all types of contract guarantees. The business is carried out from offices in Stockholm, Malmö, Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Nordic Guarantee has the intention to implement a new IT-system for guarantee managing, claims adjustment, invoicing, web portal, demands concerning Solvens II and for follow-up and analysis. Insicon will deliver a user friendly, future safe and cost effective solution which manages all of Nordic Guarantee’s demands.

“Insicon i2i can be adapted to our business and processes in a cost effective way, and furthermore, it gives us more functionality for the money compared to other evaluated alternatives. The fact that all of Insicon’s clients are very content with the way the projects have been executed is also of great importance for our choice of supplier” says Johan Brinkenberg, CEO of Nordic Guarantee Insurance AB.

“We are proud that Nordic Guarantee has chosen Insicon as their insurance system supplier. This must be viewed as yet another proof that Insicon nowadays is a well-established operator on the market, and we continue to win purchasing upon purchasing”, says Fredrik Bruno, Chairman of the board at Insicon.

For further information, please contact Fredrik Bruno, Chairman of the board at Insicon AB, +46 8 410 311 00,


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