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Kammarkollegiet is a public administration authority administered by the government under the supervision of the Financial Department. Kammarkollegiet is Sweden’s oldest authority and was established by Gustav Vasa in 1539 in order to manage the tax payers’ money. Kammarkollegiet’s primary target group is other public authorities which they support and make more effective by offering large-scale production benefits as well as expertise, primarily within law, economics, purchasing, risk management and administration. The business also turns to the public as interpreting authorization, environmental law, marriage law and travel guarantees. Kammarkollegiet has around 300 employees, most of which work in Stockholm, but the Insurance Department with around 40 employees is based in Karlstad. The insurance business is an internal insurance solution for the state and has been run for around 15 years in its present extent. The Insurance Department also assists authorities and foundations in risk management work. The business should provide for the need of insurance coverage within the public sector and be continuously adapted to current conditions.

Kammarkollegiet handles around 15 000 claims every year. Kammarkollegiet intends to implement a new IT-system for insurance management, claims adjustment, invoicing as well as follow-up and analysis. Insicon will supply a user friendly, future safe and cost effective solution which manages all of Kammarkollegiets needs.

“Insicon made the most economically profitable offer in our purchasing. The system provided by the company meets all of our demands and requirements for a flexible, functional and user friendly solution”, says Thomas Wallin, manager of The Insurance Department at Kammarkollegiet.

“The fact that Kammarkollegiet has chosen Insicon as their supplier must be regarded as an important acknowledgement from a significant operator on the market. The positive trend is reflected in the pride and enterprise displayed by our staff”, says Fredrik Bruno, Chairman of the board at Insicon AB.

For further information, please contact Fredrik Bruno, Chairman of the board at Insicon AB, +46 8 410 311 00,


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