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By October 3, 2013January 12th, 2021No Comments

THE HIT-COMPANIES 2013 As of now Computer Sweden starts listing the companies nominated to Computer Sweden’s new list of the fastest growing IT-companies in Sweden: the so-called HIT-companies. First in line is Insicon. Computer Sweden likes innovative technology, and we want to pay regard to those companies who can combine smart technology and growth. Hence, we have searched our country for the technology companies that are simply the best. The result is a list of 50 companies who combine hype, innovation and growth – HIT-companies.

For Computer Sweden companies like these are vital – they develop much of the technology and the business opportunities that are important to our readers and to Sweden. Companies like Skype, Mysql and QlikTech were once young and showed a fast growth based on their own clever solutions, which they were good at bringing to the market. We simply love smart and innovative technology companies, and would like to pay regard to the hard work they do and to the important innovations they create.


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