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Better tools manage the insurance

By October 3, 2012January 12th, 2021No Comments

More and more companies and authorities move on from systems developed in-house to commercial products to manage their insurances. Kammarkollegiet chose to go for a small Swedish contender. Several Swedish authorities have for many years used financial systems developed by the public administration, for instance FS+ which is no longer being developed further. This is one of the reasons why commercial operators have been successful and bring products which are adapted for certain needs, especially when it comes to managing insurances. Kammarkollegiet has chosen the small, Swedish contender Insicon, which has only been active for a couple of years.

-We chose Insicon after having evaluated offers with precisely specified criteria. Earlier we used FS+, and in August we initiated the move to Insicon’s platform, which will be finished late October, early November, says Thomas Wallin, responsible for the project at Kammarkollegiets insurance department in Karlstad.

He states that the investment amounts to around ten million SEK. For the time being Insicon only has around twenty employees, but is facing a strong expansion as the orders increase in numbers. Product development is carried out in Serbia, where Insicon has a subsidiary completely owned by the company which develops the product i2i. This is a web based platform built on Microsoft products like Silverlight, Visual Studio and SQL Server.

-What primarily separates i2i from others is that we have gone for a component based platform where every module is completely self-contained. Hence it is possible to adapt the system much faster to the clients’ existing business systems, says Fredrik Bruno, chairman of the board at Insicon, when he demonstrates i2i together with his colleague Martin Sjöberg. Insicon states that the module based construction means that i2i only takes half the time to roll out compared to competing products.

-At the same time it becomes easier for the clients to manage the roll-out themselves, and then they don’t have to pay consulting fees.


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